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Millennials are we Synonyms with Adultescents

Millennials this is our time but who are we at least in my eyes. We have entitlement, we are lazy and unwilling to work maybe more victims of an economy and the earth ruined by our parents policies and ideology.  We are not at all the end of the human society however much we may seem wasted since we have some of the best and state of the art technology to utilize. We are actually the best hope of an eco-conscious and non-materially focused future, “we want to go green” personally I was always in the wildlife club.As a millennial I think we are generally a generation with a complex character creating various conflicting opinions.
There millennials out there reading  this and they are like what does this word even mean. That aspects has a lot to tell about our generation. Anyway this is it according to Wikipedia,that search engine that does or did your coursework millennials are the cohort generation that followed Generation X “our parents”. The dates are a little vague, but it’s generally safe to say that these are children born from 1980 to the early 2000’s.
It’s important to note that we pretend to tend to be technologically adept, better connected with friends and more distanced from institutions and structure which is not the reality give it a deep thought or maybe try discussing with real friends if you have any will to reason since its not really our thing.
I think  we millennials think of happiness as success, if am thinking right. We don’t define happiness as stuff like materialism. Millennials in general want a work-life balance, not a work to pay for stuff balance. That makes us better than our parents in generation x and our Granny’s in the silent generation since we have even ended up owning their properties.
Millennials just don’t make as much money as our parents did back then. So we can afford to rent and share things, the process of saving up to purchase something like a car and then spending to maintain it is not our thing since the economy is upside down.
We will be on this planet longer than the generations before us. It’s a fact that we more inclined to make lifestyle choices with global warming as well as global socio economic issues our minds.
As millennials we are straggling with some of the worst social evils ever in the history of mankind. Some are to our own making and others are not. Time to record down more new words, new words also come with troubles in some cases.
Adultescent is one of the biggest challenge a millennials is likely to face today. Becoming that person who refuses to settle down and make commitments, and who would rather go on partying into middle age. All we think about is where is the next plot and it has turned out it doesn’t get any better. No one of us ever wants to address this issue or matter or question since its has a possibility of dynamic outcomes.
Our society is full of lost boys and girls hanging out at the edge of adulthood-says  Professor Frank Furedi, a sociologist who has been studying this phenomenon at the University of Kent.
One would debate that we prefer happiness to materials because of circumstance or our own making. Our economic prospects are not very high and we claim its because of the great recession in the late 2000s caused by our parents hence making us realistic but is it the case. Many governments have even go on to instituted major youth employment schemes out of fear for social unrest because of how dramatically unemployed we are but that’s just they dont give a thing about us.
Most millennials are also very Apolitical meaning they don’t even have a small window to create an impact on the policies that come out having great influence on the society we are part of.
Millennials are self centered and everything is about me, how to influence and keeping up appearances claiming we are interactive in a sense of wanting to be able to talk about things with our friends, to be able to show them, get their approval so that it’s in turn a following that’s what is important.
About millennials and drug use with  substance addiction will be for some other time as a full blog since the issue is now claiming lives not wasting them.
I am certain that we may have gone wrong with all the resources the generation has availed to us as millennials, technological and the various medical advancement but we seem to take them for granted choosing parting to be the center of life and staying home with parents till 30 even those that leave still come for financial support even when they are married. We have become to moderate in turn killing social and morel values that make us humans.
Back then when were younger everything was nice and promising, encouragement from every body then all over sudden we were in the see of everything from financial hardships to, broken families, academic bottlenecks and careerist system with its pressure the time we had hoped for were never to be. The self assurance that millennials had and the zeal for being doers was washed off along the way.  In fact we learned alot about life in short time as the sudden changes happened. And I think our beautiful childhood that drastically changed is partly to blame for millennials being synonyms with Adultescent or kidultsim.
But our children the generation Z will kick start society since they have more conservative minds.  With this information age we are not going to be poor at parenting like our generation X

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Trump Israel Palestine

As Benjamin Netanyahu visits Donald Trump today I go back about 70 days ago and take a look at that Historical resolution in my lifetime since am not too old, its important in a sense that it may put an end to an apartheid taking place today in this era ” like now” in the so called Holy Land were they don’t even believe in Christ anyway the American evangelicals know better. One thing that my name sake can’t do is to lobby Trump to reverse a security council resolution since it has never happened.
The thing is  the UNITED NATIONS Resolution 2334, and the abstention vote by the United States, was a monumental and historical  in international diplomacy and how it relates with international law. The resolution condemned Israel’s illegal but expanding settlement project and demanded that Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the ‘occupied’ Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.” Which for now is not being followed by the proud arrogant Israel led by a fanatic Bibi, can’t believe he is my name sake with all those killings that we shall remember him for. Anyway today is about 2334.
The resolution was adopted with 14 votes in favour with only the US abstaining, or after 8 years Obama decided to do the right thing. For the part of the United Nations it’s military wing “in my eyes” the Security Council is one of the world’s most powerful yet unequal international institutions, this resolution demonstrated an instance where the Council issued a resolution based on merit in international law and nothing more,  it’s that clear.
I really found the events leading to vote very dramatic, it was like one of those history lessons i had back in school and am very certain kids will enjoy reading about it in years to come ahhhh the future is not ours to tell okay but the Security Council was initially scheduled to vote on a resolution presented by Egypt on behalf of Palestine. However, Egypt pulled back the text of the resolution at the last minute supposedly after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu exerted pressure on Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi. He also lobbied US politicians, including president-elect Donald Trump and his team, to veto the resolution. The following day saw a new resolution being introduced to the Security Council on the same subject, authored by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal.
For President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi it was about sending a signal that Egypt despite the turmoil in the last 6years they are still a regional or even a world power ( the old man in Middle East) but that’s not the case any more.
Resolution 2334 had in it very many legal aspects and they are all about international law that is very confusing because every one claims to be doing the right thing. For example  the illegal settlements is one matter. As an occupying power, Israel is obligated under the 4th Geneva Convention to not forcibly transfer protected persons from the occupied territories to the territory of the occupying power. It is also unlawful under Article 49 for an occupying power to transfer parts of its own population into the territory it occupies. International humanitarian law therefore prohibits the establishment of settlements, and considers it a form of population transfer into occupied territory.
As Benjamin visits Trump on a State visit even with settlements clearly being a violation of international law, the US abstention was a surprise to many, and signaled a drastic shift in Washington’s long-standing support for Israel. But I part they choose not to take part meaning that there time will come in a way depending on the weighed out come from Washington’s view point at that coming moment. The reasoning put forward by the US for the abstention vote was not even connected to the illegality of settlements under international law at all, but about how the expanding settlement was becoming a major obstacle to the achievement of a two-State solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.
Resolution 2334 may have been a game between Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu that Barack could have won in the end but to those who cherish freedom and human rights it’s a step in the right direction to a Two State solution since a One State solution is a bad thing for a Jewish State since Israel would not be the same any more.
The United Nations can pass resolutions but can’t enforce them, but the formation of Israel was based on a United Nations resolution just because the Jews took up arms after the resolution was passed am not saying Palestinians should take up arms but Resolution 2334 is a basis for a Palestinian State and it’s up them with the help of the international community to draw up a timeline to reach the goal.
The West especially America have not alot to do in the middle east any more and the region will sharp up its self with its powers both economically and politically.index

Syria the dirty truth

The modern Syrian Question
The group for the current Syrian crisis started way back in 2000 when Qatar a Sunni Kingdom proposed a $ 10 billion pipeline 1500km snaking it’s way through Jordan, Syria, Turkey and ending up in to Europe. Assad just like his father it was no deal for many good reasons.
Six years ago we had what is now called the 2011 Arab spring,  for Syria peaceful protested rocked the Damascus and report of gun fire followed in July of a few weeks later the protesters fired back and then the Free Syrian Army with much hope and zeal with numbers and big wigs defecting from Assad.
2012 saw what I call extremists come into Syria through Jordan and Turkey using financial means from the Sunni Kingdoms of the Gulf. According to reports Assad released all extremists he was keeping in prisons and creating a situation to enable them have guns to join the war or the confusion. The Hezbollah who were protecting Lebanon boards entered Syria and on Assad’s  side they had a number of victories and held group with support coming from Iran in terms of weapons, military advisers and cash making it a proxy war.
It had now become Iran against Saudi Arabia or Shia against Sunni but Assad who has the Shia support is even an Alwite Muslim. It was confusing but in any case its not a battle for Islamic sections. On the side of the free Syrian Army CIA training was going on and in April 2013 Obama talked about enough is enough as the world was yet to witness air fire power from the USA never seen before having a supper power coming into the proxy. But there was no end in sigh European countries were sending money for the so called moderate rebels since they yr an alternative pipeline to rival Russian natural gas that is 70% of shatter Europe uses, bringing about the introduction of Russia with expansion of its Latakia base, took no open operations up. That same year 2014 ISIS had broken away from Al Qaeda and taking for its self territory ty for a mini country in-between GT and Syria.
CIA training was also becoming reality but the wrong groups gained . Then Obama’s talk of enough is enough became real with the alleged use of gas on civilians, and also the formation of a coalition that went after bombing ISIS and other faction that they didn’t think were moderate.
Pentagon also not CIA trained groups not to fight Assad but ISIS only making the chase board complicated as if USA was now seeing ISIS a greater threat than Assad .
In 2015 we saw Turkey come in claiming to be coming after the Kurds who want to cut a state from Turkey to Syria up to Iraq. After that development it was as if it was just the right timing to bring in the King in the North, to protect the bear’s interest in Syria. Putin has almost given back most part of the country to Assad with the fall of Aleppo one of the rebels strong holds.
With Russia and USA it was a full blown cold war. Since they both took up sides in the Syrian civil which is also a holy war with Shia’s fighting for the Alwites against the Sunni. Me I see a world war personally.
But the real reason why this war is dragging on is just because of nature gas Iran wants a pipeline through Iraq-Syria then Mediterranean to Europe. Qatar Jordan  Kuwait and Saudis want also a pipeline through Syria to Turkey and then Europe. Assad doesn’t want to be part of the pipeline game just like Putin doesn’t want any rivalry to Russian gas in Europe.
Today there is a shaky ceasefire in Syria that has brought back hope to Humanity with proposed talks to follow in a while.

the realities of the longest river

Who owns River Nile????? The Nile river flows from the high mountains in the middle regions of Africa north to the Nile delta. Near the Mediterranean Sea the river splits into two branches, the Rosetta Branch and the Damietta. Both flow into the Mediterranean Sea, there are two major branches of the Nile; they are the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The White Nile originates in East Africa, and the Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia. The two branches join at Khartoum. The Nile basin stretch has about 10 countries among which are Congo Democratic Republic, Rwanda,Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Egypt but who controls the waters of that River Nile and for what purpose.
Almost 300 million people benefit from the River Nile indirectly and 160 million live along the Nile. The Nile has all sorts of dams that are used for irrigation, industrialism hydro electric power production among others.
There even rumours that Israel taps the Nile with large pipes that run under the Suez region. And its said when ever an Israeli leader visits Sub Sahara its strictly about the Nile and its the only reason Tel Aviv invests in Sub Sahara with its so called agricultural investment as if they have any thing better to offer in agriculture after ferrying soil from Africa on planes to set up farms.
There is also Egypt not recognizing South Sudan as an independent state since a new state would mean full utilization of the Nile resources that the Cairo administration thinks it would be a threat to them. The talk that Egypt prefers the wars to go on in order for the Nile to remain intact from the plans of any power that controls Juba.
Egypt claims to have historical “rights” over the River as if they have it’s source and basing on agreements signed a 100 years back they decided who and where a dam should be constructed, or that was the case when they used to threaten to go to war with any State that dared to put up any project with Cairo’s approval, It is unclear whether regional disputes over the Nile’s water may spark future conflict, or whether the costs of confrontation will prevent this outcome. In 1988, Egypt’s Foreign minister,Boutros Boutros-Ghali, hypothesised that the Nile River would undoubtedly spark Egypt’s next war. Historically, Egypt has imposed its control over the Nile, granted through the 1902, 1929 and 1959 colonial agreements, on other Nile Basin nations. In 1970, Egypt threatened war over the building of the Fincha Dam in Ethiopia and when Ethiopia tried to secure funding from the World Bank, Egypt and Sudan invoked Article 3 of the 1902 treaty between Britain and Ethiopia. In 2004, Tanzania planned the construction of the Lake Victoria pipeline, which would have benefited approximately 400,000 of its north-western citizens. Egypt threatened to bomb the construction site, claiming that it needed that water to flow northward into the Aswan Dam. The 1929 agreement restricted Tanzania from blocking the Nile’s waters without British permission. At one point Uganda had to construct a dam in a the same place where one existed in Jinja leading to the drop of water levels of Lake Victoria and the state had to switch off one dam in order to solve the problem.
The Arab spring was a gift to all those that had pending mega projects on the Nile, since the turmoil in reality reduced Egypt’s regional and world geo political relevance and strengthen for  Addis Ababa it was an opportunity for Ethiopia to put up a mega project for both agriculture and power generation that is not any where in East Africa and only DRC has a bigger dam but still in process or on paper on the River Congo. The timing of Ethiopia’s move meant Egyptian generals could not plan war when they had a nation to move forward. Uganda also rolled out the Karuma project that is on going and for South Sudan they could only manage war amongst them selves.
Egypt has the Aswan high dam which even came with its completion a lake forming  construction of the Aswan Dam in the 1960’s meant that from 1970 the annual flood was controlled but they don’t seem to want any of the 10 countries that have a share of the River Nile to have equal benefits but its time the colonial times agreements came to an end it’s the time Burundi where the 1600km stretch starts from gets a real share or the River.
Before we discuss the name Nile coming from the Greek “neilos”,  meaning valley or that Ancient Egyptians called the river Ar or Aur (black) because of the colour of the sediment left after the river’s annual flood we should never forget that the Nile basin is made up of 10 countries
Melting snow and heavy summer rain in the Ethiopian Mountains is Addis Ababa’s claim to the River and it should be respected so long as there initiatives don’t dry up the river.
Since Egypt has always gone to bed with Israel they should respect the 14 May 2010  Entebbe agreement that Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda signed with Israel pulling strings in the background on sharing the waters of the Nile, It was the foolish British decision to grant Egypt and Sudan absolute rights over the full use of the River’s water supplies that sowed the seeds of the potential conflict and its very possible that today 2017 every war in the region is about the Nile or the fact that the Niles also runs along gas and oil deposits that bring about the attention of the west and the Middle eastern states that think they are to invest in all oil businesses around the world.
In future Egypt must engage in peaceful interstate co-operation to secure its water supplies. The Nile faces an uncertain future amid developmental and environmental pressures. Alternative water sources, in the form of desalinisation, aquifers and other such solutions, simply must be found to reduce the region’s dependency on the river.
The Nile question, it’s for humanity.

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